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Join Us

Loyal Kenyan citizens unite: Join the Loyal Kenyans Network

We invite you to become a member of the Loyal Kenyans Network and join us in building a more compassionate and sustainably thriving and peaceful Kenya-our motherland.

Welcome to Loyal Kenyan: A quick tour

“Empower yourself. Transform our country.”

Loyal Kenyan is…….

A national community of local initiatives to create a more compassionate and sustainable country - Kenya.

A non-profit organization working to catalyze sustainable thriving for people and our motherland –Kenya.

A national service-Peace Learning Centre for Kenyan citizens of all ages and backgrounds

A grassroots network of peace mission-aligned projects and kindred spirits

An evolving vision for personal and global advancement through peace learning, services and creativity.

Loyal Kenyan does….

Responsible good Kenyan citizenship: cross-cultural collaborations for sustainable shared prosperity and enduring peace.

Experiential education and service-learning: learning useful things by doing useful things peacefully.

Holistic personal development: empowering and informed sensitive and integrated change makers

Sustainable social entrepreneurship: win-win-win solutions for people, planet and profit

Altruistic arts: leveraging the power of human creativity and media technology to improve ourselves, our communities and our world.

Pull all of this together and what do you get?

Here in Loyal Kenyan, we make a better world by educating caring national citizens, empowering them as compassionate change agents and connecting them in mutually beneficial collaborations for learning, services, creativity, and sustainable prosperity. By working on the personal, local and national levels, we address the whole person and the problem to generate whole solutions as per the words and spirit of our National Anthem.

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