We Are All Kenyans

We Are All Kenyans


We Are All Kenyans and No Kenyan should Suffer alone due to the Mother Nature Catastrophes. Throughout 2018, a devastating flooding has hit several parts of Kenya. By Mid of April 2018, at least 7 Kenyans have died due to the floods and the Solai Dam tragedy.

The torrential rains have displaced thousands of Kenyans from their homes, roads rendered impassable and many parts of the country inaccessible.

Recognizing the need to lend a helping hand and create a reliable funding streams to combat the loss of lives and live hoods in the woke of flooding and displacement in Kenya, LOYAL KENYA PROGRAMME has taken the Lead in lobbying Kenyans and Local Corporate Organizations to contribute funds towards reversing the fate of the flood-effected Kenyans and restoring the dignity of a people who have been threatened by flooding situation in different parts of the country.

This is our country, these are our people, therefore this is our problem and as Loyal Kenyans, lets pull together in a small or big way and raise funds to provide emergency assistance to vulnerable people, particularly children, the elderly, nursing mothers and the sick while supporting the story to relocate or move to the safer zones.

The situation is alive and needs are urgent. PLEASE TAKE A BOLD STEP AND DONATE NOW.